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Wade @ 918-521-7786
Tony @ 317-502-6229

or you can email us at info@claris-solutions.com

Claris helps companies improve their performance by increasing throughput, and efficiency, to exceed your customers expectations and improve stock holder value.

Our team of consultants, Engineers, and Project Managers are specialize in improving operations by implementing strategy and systems.  We have the talent, energy, and experience to tackle your project.

Solution Areas for  Retailers,  Distribution, eCommerce, Product Development, Engineering Project Development :


  • Store Assessment and Strategies to Improve Performance
  • The Customer Experience
  • Omni-channel Fulfillment (Stores, DC, 3rd Party Logistics)
  • Work Force Management Systems (Select, Implement, Optimize, Rescue)
  • Retail Store Work Measurement and Labor Standards
  • Human Capital Management & Labor Law Consulting


  • Distribution Center Assessment and Strategies to Improve Performance
  • Warehouse Management Systems (Select, Implement, Optimize, Rescue)
  • DC Labor Management Systems  (Establish Labor Standards, Pay for Performance)

Product Development and Engineering

  • Process Improvement
  • Product Development (Shrinking Time to Market)
  • Business Process Management Software Adaptable to Product Development and Engineering Project Management